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Our Team

Founding Directors

Bubs Van Rensburg & Kerry Colin

Ke-Bears Care is a family run Introductory Home Care Agency. Both founding members have a background not only as carers, but at times requiring care for their own loved ones. We have a good understanding of both requiring care as well as providing it.

Established in 2020 at the height of the epidemic, with families being separated from their loved ones and unable to visit each other in care homes and assisted living facilities. Our priority is to ensure that people are still able to see their families within government guidelines, in the safety of their own homes. By introducing you to the perfect carer for you. With your loved ones cared for by people that are matched to their personalities and suited to care for their every need. Giving both clients and their families peace of mind and comfort in the fact that they are within a space that they feel comfortable and secure, maintaining a feeling of independence.


KeBears Care is an Introductory care agency designed by carers for clients.

We couldn't have a better understanding of the importance of care that your loved one deserves and we are here to ensure that the people closest to you receive just that.

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